About MadyMax

Specially designed products, activities and programs


Our theme based resources are created from the knowledge, understanding and experience accumulated over the past twenty+ years from working with children in schools, private clinics, and other locations in the following professional disciplines: occupational therapy, neuropsychology, special education, speech language pathology and real parenting experience.


Our professional healthcare and education product "authors" have taken their industry knowledge, expertise and experience and have put this into the design process for all of our resources so that they can accommodate all children. The products we develop and market are specially designed; they are not cookie cutter. Each tool, activity, or implementation method has a specific purpose that has been designed through a process that takes into account the fact that many children have different neurodevelopmental profiles, different learning profiles or ability limitations that require specific adaptations to traditional education or therapy materials, or completely new ones that are best suited for their individual characteristics. 


                               Josiane Caron Santha, OT and Glen Santha, founders of MadyMax

Our products, activities and programs are...

...used by teachers, parents, health care professionals, educators, early learning and child care professionals everyday to help children reach their full potential.


Our Vision 

 A world where learning is accessible, easy and fun, for everyone.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families, caregivers, educators and health care professionals by providing them with world-class education, therapy and parenting resources to enable children to reach their full potential.


Our Values and Core Principles

  • Children at the HEART of everything we do.
  • Every child is entitled to be given the opportunity to reach their full POTENTIAL.
  • Learning should be FUN for everyone.
  • The experiences children have affects EVERYONE who surrounds them.
  • Everyone is UNIQUE. It is the differences that make every person unique, not the qualities that everyone shares.
  • Learning in a different way – a way that works for each person’s INDIVIDUAL characteristics.
  • INNOVATION: there is always a better way and we are going to find it.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Immediate access to our digital products at all times using the latest technology delivery systems available.



Our Inspiration

Inspired by our children’s two drawings: A happy face and a happy sun (HAPPINESS.)

Do you remember that feeling? Do you remember what is was like to feel OVERWHELMINGLY happy with a sense of ABSOLUTE ACCOMPLISMHENT after learning something completely new when you were a child? Something you could not quite understand, you just could not get, until BINGO!, you got it.

We want all children to be able to have that feeling, over and over again.

Great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Great ideas grow and become a reality with effort and commitment.

Just like great ideas, children with different kinds of learning profilesdifferent kinds of abilities and/or different neurodevelopmental profiles have the ability to achieve their full potential when surrounded by people with commitment, people who have the tools and right information to enable this reality to take place.

One smile positively affects the life of everyone who sees it. Many smiles can change the world. MadyMax is driven to change the world, one smile at a time.™