About Us

MadyMax Publications

Our education and child development products and resources are:

...used by teachers, parents, health care professionals, educators, early learning and child care professionals everyday to help children reach their full potential.

MadyMax Publications is an educational product design and publishing company.

Our resources and products are created from the knowledge, understanding and experience accumulated over the past ten years from working with children in schools, private clinics, and other locations in the following professional disciplines: occupational therapy,  neuropsychology, special education and speech language pathology.

Our Mission and Vision 

 A world where learning is accessible, easy and fun, for everyone.

Our Values and Core Principles

  • Children at the HEART of everything we do.
  • Every child is entitled to be given the opportunity to reach their full POTENTIAL.
  • Learning should be FUN for everyone.
  • The experiences children have  affects EVERYONE who surrounds them.
  • Everyone is UNIQUE. It is the differences that make every person unique, not the qualities that everyone shares.
  • Learning in a different way – a way that works for each person’s INDIVIDUAL characteristics.
  • INNOVATION: there is always a better way and we are going to find it.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Immediate access to our digital products at all times using the latest technology delivery systems available.