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The Scissor Skills Sourcebook

The Scissor Skills Sourcebook: A developmentally based, multi-age, scissor cutting program and resource guide for successfully teaching proper scissor cutting skills to children aged 2 to 7 years and for children with special needs. 

Pages:  308

Author: Josiane Caron Santha, Occupational Therapist

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1. Is your child having difficulty cutting with scissors right now? Can they cut on a curve without going over the line?  

2. Did your child try to use scissors and then they just GAVE UP or are they about to GIVE UP because they are having difficulties using scissors?  

3. Does it seem that your child is “just not getting the hang of it”, no matter what you do? 

Introduce your child the correct way to preschool scissor cutting activities to avoid potential problems and bad techniques, before they happen, and have the knowledge and advice from a leading occupational therapist for what to do to solve scissor cutting problems along the way. The Scissor Skills Sourcebook, your definitive resource for teaching scissor cutting skills to children aged 2 to 7 years and for children with special needs.


This sourcebook has been specially designed for introducing and successfully teaching proper scissor cutting skills to children aged 2 to 7 years who have not shown any interest in cutting with scissors, have difficulty using scissors, have a limited attention span that delays their progression or other special needs.


Includes: Theory, advice, strategies, tools, solutions, 50+ multi-page color, cut and glue projects in sequential order of difficulty and more than 100 theme-based activity ideas all created by a leading Occupational Therapist who has been working with children for 15 years. Each project includes an instruction page with a picture of a completed project at the  appropriate age level. Each project has straight forward, easy to follow instructions, and includes fun activities to use at home, in a clinic or classroom, individually, and on occasion, in groups.

This sourcebook is for parents, educators, day care workers, occupational therapists and other therapy professionals who work with children. 



For children who are having difficulty using scissors RIGHT now, this book contains practical advice, strategies, solutions, in an easy to understand format with lots of visual pictures, to help you fix small problems before they become BIG PROBLEMS.

The Scissor Skills Sourcebook is an easy to use, fun to learn, developmentally based sequential order cutting program and resource guide that has been specially designed to help you introduce a child to cutting with scissors. For children who are having difficulty cutting with scissors, it provides fun, easy to use strategies and solutions, for getting back on track to scissor cutting success!

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Nadia, Occupational Therapist 05/02/2015 I use this cutting book almost every day in my work. It is a "ready to use/all included" book that allows me to save a lot of research time when it comes to finding scissor cutting projects and provides a lot of complementary educational activities enabling me to create a complete OT session from a single project. I regularly use a scissor cutting project to work on body awareness, organizational skills, etc.

Moreover, I love the simplicity of the graphics which help children quickly find essentials of the projects without getting lost in details. To my eyes, it is as much an educational book for children as it is for professionals using it. This book provides precise observations that enables to follow scissor skills development in a sequence respecting individual learning pace.  It is an extremely useful too and of great relevance.

Sylvie, Occupational Therapist 05/02/2015 This tool is very well made and can be used as well at home, in daycare or in intervention! The observation grid is very useful and the projects stimulating! I have been using them for many years (I am privileged!). My favorite projects are, among others, the stop sign, the street light and those for learning shapes: Sports balls and the robot! In sum, try it!
Angélique (Mom) 06/01/2015  This book is super! I bought this manual to find ideas to help my youngest child start cutting with scissors but my 5 year old son right away got interested in doing a project (the balls)...and right after he wanted to do another one.


The Scissor Skills Sourcebook is comprised of two different sections:

Section 1: Theory, Advice, Strategies and Tools

Professional knowledge, theory, fun exercises and activities, advice on what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and strategies for solving small problems. 

Includes: How to introduce a child to using scissors, cutting skills, development phases, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, hand dominance, finger position, and most of all, strategies for solving issues with scissor grip, hand position, changing direction, isolating elements, task management, and much more. 


Section 2: The Sequential Order Cutting Program

Includes 50 different multi-page cutting projects, categorized into four learning steps (1. straight lines, 2. geometric shapes, 3. curves and circles, 4. complex shapes), each available in 3 separate versions depending on the age and competency level of the child (for a total of almost 150 projects).  Multiple theme-based activities are provided with each project to keep the fun going.

All of the exercises, activities, strategies and 50+ multi-page projects have been tried, tested and approved by more than 20 occupational therapists, their clients and their parents, over a time frame of 5 years.

Allowing any child to develop their cutting skills comes down to offering them appropriate challenges based on their abilities. With each individual success, the child will continue to be interested in cutting and highly motivated to improve their skills.

This book is for everyone who has the opportunity to help children with their motor and creative development (parents, educators, teachers, therapists). 50 projects are offered, each one more challenging than the last, in sync with the natural development of a child. It teaches motor skills required to start cutting and takes the child all the way to cutting complex shapes. The Scissor Skills Sourcebook is designed to grow with the child.

Useful starting at 2 ½ years old, this training resource is useful for education purposes up to and including 7 years of age. After proper cutting skills have been achieved, these fun projects can continually be enjoyed at all ages!

Each project can be done at different levels of difficulty (versions), the simplest involving only coloring and no cutting. This unique aspect meets the needs of multi-age environments and allows the child to enjoy the same project at different times throughout their childhood (e.g., coloring at 2 years old, cutting at 4 years old, drawing and building at 6 years old.) With a project suited to their own abilities, success is guaranteed for the child.   

All the projects are simple and quickly achieved requiring only every day materials such as scissors, glue and markers. In order to properly complete a period of activity, both at home and in childcare, activities related to themes of the cutting projects are provided. From shapes to plants to concepts of time, educational and fun ideas abound.

To meet all needs, this tool is enriched with theory on the development of cutting skills and practical advice to support the child who progresses more slowly as well as tools and observation and monitoring checklists for specialists.

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Available now in our online store and many retailers in Canada and the United States.

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