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 MadyMax Understands

Does your child require visual instructions with pictures for learning and following orders, and not verbal instructions alone?

  • Is your child sensitive to noises or having difficulty filtering between competing sound sources?
  • Is the teachers’ voice too weak or loud for your child’s auditory processing profile?
  • Is there a clear and predictable structure in your child’s class (daily routine) so that your child knows what is coming next?
  • MadyMax understands why homework may be challenging for many children.MadyMax understands why homework may be challenging for many children.Are school and homework exercises completed in a textbook or are they mostly reprints from various sources that are no longer attached to their original context?
  • Are there a lot of “potential” visual distractions in the classroom that prevent your child from being able to focus; or exhausting their visual system?
  • Does your child’s workstation or desk fit his or her size (are ergonomic rules being respected?)
  • Does any of this sound familiar to you?


You are not alone.

Education and Child Development Resources by MadyMax PublicationsEducation and Child Development Resources by MadyMax Publications


Our professional healthcare and education product "authors" have taken their knowledge, expertise and experience of working with children with different kinds of learning profiles, different kinds of abilities, and have put this into the design process for all of our products and resources so that they can accommodate all children.


MadyMax is continually developing theme based products and resources to provide solutions through increased knowledge, activities, exercises, techniques, games and toys, so that we can help children reach their full potential.  


If your child is having difficulty using scissors, cutting straight or curved lines, or is just not showing interest in using scissors, when other children the same age are, we encourage you to check out our Scissor Skills Sourcebook, which can be found in our online store or at multiple retailers and online sellers.